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Welcome to Bird's Eye View.

We are John Bland and Gillian Howden and this is a site dedicated to our birding trips and to display our wildlife photography galleries. The Diary contains reports on our trips and contains a selection of photographs from that day. The Birds, Bugs, Blooms and Beasts galleries contain our best photos for each species, along with a little information about that species' appearance, location and habitat etc.

We try to get out in the field at least once a week so check back every week to see the latest batch of photos and stories.

To navigate click on the section you want from the menu at the top of the page, and choose the order/species you wish to view. Photographs are presented as small thumbnails, which you can click on to view a larger image. The site and images will look best on a display of 1024x768 or higher in 16bit colour or better but should be navigable on less.

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Frozen Berries

Latest Update - 14/11/2006

Went to the Lake District for a week. A little light on wildlife and heavy on landscapes. Some photos in the diary starting 29th October 2006.

Update - 08/06/2006

Very hot and sunny trip to Martin Mere WWT.

Update - 02/03/2006

Some updates to the Galleries, including: Acorn Barnacle, Reed Bunting, Common Buzzard, The Cinnabar Moth, Cornflower, Ruddy Darter Dragonfly, Goldeneye, Common Gull, Kestrel, Merlin, Peacock Butterfly, Ruff, Tree Sparrow, Bewick's Swan, Whooper Swan, Teal, Wren.

Update - 25/02/2006

Chilly trip to Martin Mere WWT.

Update - 15/02/2006

Just a quick word about the site. There hasn't been much activity of late as we both have either limited time or ability to travel and are currently stuck in an urban deadzone for birds (it would seem). We are still very interested in wildlife and photography and will post anything we get when possible. The site is not abandoned and we hope to get back into the field whenever possible. Thanks for visiting.

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